Day: August 16, 2007

  • The Mongrel Dogs in Transit Hell: Airline Insanity

    I am currently in LAX International Airport. I’ve been here since 10:30 AM and it is currently 9:00 PM. If you knew my itinerary, you’d see that this is the time listed for boarding Continental Flight 1803, nonstop LAX to Newark/EWR. You can probably guess that I am not actually getting on that plane at…

  • The Mongrel Dogs at Sea (12): From Arizona to Missouri

    Seven days ago I had the opportunity to relive the American experience in the Second World War in one morning. In reverse. As part of the Regal Princess‘ stop at the port of Honolulu, I took part in a tour of the memorials to the USS Arizona and USS Missouri. In case your command of…

  • “After the Fire” — Roger Daltrey

    After the fire, the fire still burns The heart grows older but never ever learns The memories smoulder and the soul always yearns But after the fire, the fire still burns