Turn on Your Radio (30 Days of Marc Cohn — Day 4)

Turn on Your Radio
Burning the Daze

This is a very gentle song you might expect to hear winding down an evening. It’s got a catchy refrain which I find myself humming.  It also ends with a somewhat-strange coda:

Everybody had a hard year
And everybody had a good time
Everybody had a wet dream
And everybody saw the sunshine

Everybody had a good year
And everybody let their hair down
Everybody put their socks up
And everybody put their foot down

I don’t know what it means that “everybody put their socks up”…

(Aside: It was pretty apparent from the first listen that this is a cover of someone else’s earlier song.  It turns out that someone else was Harry Nillson, whom Wikipedia tells us was  an American singer-songwriter who achieved the peak of his commercial success in the early 1970s”.  I have my doubts about how high the peak of his success actually was, as I had never heard even a mention of him.  So I checked out his discography and realized that, no, I really haven’t heard anything by this guy.)

(Second aside:  I feel like I’m on the very edge of cheating. posting this at 11:57 PM.  I suppose technically it’s still “Day 4″…)








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