Why they’re called “gun nuts”

So in Arizona, the NRA is mad that guns turned into the police at a buyback are going to be destroyed rather than, say, put back into circulation. Let’s unpack that:

  • For these people, the Union is ephemeral, to be abandoned when the people elect someone the NRA doesn’t like… But the physical guns are perpetual. Riiiiiight….
  • The guns haven’t been “abandoned”; they’ve been properly sold to the police. It’s the exact opposite to abandoned. Words mean things, guys
  • The sheer arrogance of the NRA is mind-blowing. The law doesn’t cater to their particular fetish? Then

    “We just go back and we tweak it and tune it up, and we work with our friends in the Legislature and fix it so they can’t do it,” Rathner [an Arizona lobbyist and a national board member of the NRA] adds.

    In other words, “We can rewrite the laws of our state and thwart the will of the people due to a legislature we control through a mix of cowed legislators plus the bat-crazy ones who agree with us.”

All of this because the people of Tuscon dare to decide that, just maybe, it’s OK to voluntarily get rid of some guns.

I think I am just about done caring about the delicate sensibilities of these people. Here’s a newsflash: The Second Amendment is not a suicide pact. And until you’re actually and in fact part of a “well-regulated militia”, I don’t really care that you want to own a gun. (And it has to be a real militia, not a self-selected group of paranoid nutjobs.)






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