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This page is a running list of the many growing issues about human freedom and dignity in the Internet Age.
The Goldfish-Bowl Era : Privacy and the Net:

Do companies that own a piece of computer equipment automatically own all data stored on or produced with it? Do employees surrender all rights to privacy merely by working at a company? Alas, currently, legal opinion seems to say, Yes. Orwelll was wrong: the future belongs to Big Brother, Inc.

Dr. Postol and the "Classification" of Public Documents:

Dr. Theodore Postol, a professor at MIT, has been a long-time opponent of the Pentagon's ballistic missile defense program. He claims that the Pentagon has falsified results to make BMD more attractive. In support he offered tables and charts drawn from a non-classified document. After he published -- and after the report from which he drew his arguments was widely published, even on the Net -- the Pentagon decided that the document was, actually, a "secret" and classified it. Now they are pressing MIT to investigate Postol's violation of classification regulations; and they are threatening MIT's contracts if the institution doesn't comply. Apparently the Pentagon is rusty on its Latin and doesn't understand what the Constitution means by "no ex post facto law".

Dolby and the Right to Link

Say a page contains software that violates a patent. Can one reasonably construe that a hyperlink to that page also violates the patent? Dolby International apparently believes so. One wonders how long it will take until a corporation asserts that talking about software that violates a patent also violates the patent... The free speech issues are staggering, and -- one would think -- obvious.

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The Broken Patent System

It's pretty clear that the US patent system has gotten wildly out of hand. USPTO examiners are tremendously overworked, notably understaffed, and woefully undertrained, unable to rationally evaluate the literally hundreds of thousands of patents filed each year. (In 2000, the USPTO received 293,244 applications and granted 165,504 of them.)

Copyright Craziness

At long last, major media is beginng to sense the ills fermenting under the current "intellectual property" regime. Here are some generic issues; also see a whole host of abuses due to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (the worst law of the past decade).

All the Facts, M'am: FBI, Carnivore, and Blanket Surveilliance

The FBI has deployed a system called Carnivore that allegedly scans all email passing through a given ISP. There are obvious privacy considerations, which of course the FBI fails to recognize.

Brought to You by the Letter "$"

Who owns the alphabet? It sounds like a silly question but courts are busy carving up portions of it and assigning them to corporations. It's more evidence of the amok nature of the patent, trademark, and copyright (PTC) system -- the so-called "intellectual property" regime that is running wild.

Justice is Blind... Except to Emails

This topic is attracting so much attention in the media that I've spun it off from The Goldfish Bowl Era.

One might think that, since judges and their staffs hold the power of innocence or guilt, of life and death, that they might be trusted with policing their own use of the Internet. Some disagree... and if you don't trust your judges not to surf during office hours, you must have a terrifying view of the American judiciary.

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Signs of Hope: The Mainstream Media are Beginning to "Get It"






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