Just because I walk in darkness
 Doesn't mean I love the night
And just because I didn't see it
 Doesn't mean I've lost my sight.
Just because I won't surrender
 Doesn't mean I want to fight.
And just because it all went wrong,
 Doesn't mean it wasn't right.

Just because I never said I love you
 Doesn't mean I didn't care.
And just because you never judged me
 Doesn't mean that you were fair.
Just because I never reached you
 Doesn't mean I wouldn't dare
And just because I had to leave you
 Doesn't mean I won't be there.

You only spoke in Love and Hate, you dealt in Black and White
And you knew that something must be Wrong if you couldn't prove it Right.
You found Certainty in Simplicity, and meaning in extremes,
And I was just another thing misplaced among your dreams.

Just because our feet were off the ground
 Doesn't mean we ever flew
And just because you had the facts
 Doesn't mean you ever knew.
Just because you never spoke a lie
 Doesn't mean that you were true
And just because you chose to say good-bye
 Doesn't mean I said it too.

"Meaning In Extremes"
(composed 2000 October 24)
selected for inclusion in The Hun Review 2002

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