Physics and Math Tutoring

Bernard HP Lockhart-Gilroy
Ad Finem Fidelis

Take advantage of my more than 20 years classroom experience helping students achieve success in Physics and Math, from introductory courses through college-level courses such as AP Physics or Calculus

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Local Tutoring

I am based in south Tulsa and can travel up to 20 miles to meet you.

Online Tutoring

I can conduct tutoring sessions via video conferencing.

Phone Tutoring

I can also conduct tutoring by voice call.


From former customers

Mr.  Lockhart-Gilroy has been a fantastic tutor through my final year of school. He was able to explain all of the concepts of Pre-Calculus effectively and efficiently. I would not have graduated without himM


Mr. Lockhart-Gilroy was a fantastically insightful tutor! He made lessons both enlightening and comprehensive through real-world examples and step-by-step problem solving. It was truly a pleasure learning from Mr. Lockhart-Gilroy, and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a well-spoken and knowledgeable tutor.


Tulsa, OK


Phone: +1 (609) 333-6975