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  • Marc Cohn and guests at the City Winery : 2013 Feb 14

    I’ve sort of blown the deadline on my 30 Days of Marc Cohn, but I can at least offer up this playlist. 🙂 “From the Station” “Ghost Train” “Perfect Love” “The Letter” with Jon Leventhal “29 Ways” “Listening to Levon” with Dave Mansfield “Healing Hands” with Rebecca Pidgeon “Witness” with Rebecca Pidgeon “Silver Thunderbird” “Walking…

  • Review: The Day of the Doctor

    So Doctor Who has been bopping around time, space, and the BBC for 50 years now, and the Beeb put on a very special 50th anniversary episode.  My thoughts below.  And, to quote a certain archeologist: SPOILERS

  • Miracles and Wonder

    Miracles and Wonder

    I just received the Kingston 64 GB USB flash drive shown above.  It holds (duh) 64 gigabytes of data.  I’ve included a US quarter for size comparisons. My first computer was a Commodore-64, for which I had the venerable C1541 floppy disk drive. That used 5.25″ floppy disks — which were actually floppy, you could…

  • The Name of the Doctor

    So, that’s a bit of a tease, isn’t it?  Lots to think about in the season 7 finale of Doctor Who, but first, as River might say, Spoilers!  (There’s a recap available at tv.com.) ==============================================