One party is not fit to govern

Hint: It’s not the Democrats.

According to a piece in Politico, significant numbers of Republican representatives are willing to trash the full faith and credit of the United States — and incidentally dynamite the entire international economic order — so that they can “send Pres. Obama a message”.  Some of them are more reasonable, according to the bizarre new definition of “reasonable” that pervades today’s GOP: They only want to force a government shutdown, not a full-on default.

This is insanity.  It’s time for everyone who’s not, you know, crazy to start calling it out for what it is. And that begins with the numerous sane moderate Republicans we are always assured are lurking in the background in the Party, rolling their eyes at their wayward brethren.  It’s time for those so-called leaders to step up and call out this craziness.  Someone calling for a platinum terabuck is a lark; someone calling for the US to default — to score points! — is a loon.

By the by, it’s not even sound fiscal policy motivating these guys.  Apparently, it’s all in the testosterone.

  • “They think this is the only way to get Obama’s attention.”

  • “This is where they could choose to shut down the government to dramatize their contention that for four years Obama has promised in words to cut spending but in action only piled up debt. Many Republicans believe this is precisely what they will do.”

We’ll leave aside the fact that spending has been cut, to the tune of two trillion dollars.  After all, the official GOP position is, if the numbers don’t support you, ignore the math.
The best part of the Politico piece is this:

Obama assumes Republicans would never be so foolish as to put the economy at risk to win a spending fight. Conservatives say he’s definitely wrong on that score.

He is wrong.  Even the conservatives admit, they are exactly so foolish.






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