Speculation on why Gonzales lied

It’s pretty clear that there’s only one reason why Alberto “Fredo” Gonzales didn’t commit perjury: Because GOP senators arranged for his March testimony to not be under oath, and an oath is required for perjury. It’s equally as clear that he lied to Congress, and he should suffer for it. But it demands we consider: Why are the AG and POTUS so concerned about the fact of dissension within DoJ about their program? It can’t be to avoid the appearance of illegality, because the President has admitted to committing repeated felonies since 9/11, in his flagrant disregard of FISA; and apparently that wasn’t enough to trigger DoJ concerns.

What had they been doing, that is so beyond the pale that the acting AG, the actual AG, the director of the FBI, and virtually the entire upper staff at DoJ were willing to resign en masse rather than stomach? This can’t be anything as prosaic as violating FISA or even just simple data mining. What was this Administration doing, that even four years later, they are so terrified of becoming public that the Attorney General is willing to debase, embarrass, and all but perjure himself?

I don’t know (sorry) but I have a pretty strong suspicion. Other than a good juicy sex scandal (and I don’t believe that’s at the heart of this, though you can never rule it out), there is only one thing that is so terrible, so unthinkable, that the merest hint it had happened could in fact rouse the notoriously soporific American public. I think that if the fact ever do come out — and, if the next Administration is a Democratic one, the facts will come out — I will be proved right by history.

Here’s my speculation:
These thugs were using the NSA to spy on Americans for the express purpose of steering the Presidential election to George W. Bush.

It’s possible that this man has stolen not one election, but two. And I still have faith in America: The truth will out, and the wicked will suffer. It’s just a matter of time.


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  1. Hope you’ve been enjoying your nautical adventure…. So, how do you envision this working? NSA intercepts used to get private cell conversations and emails from within the Kerry campaign? It’s not obvious to me from his actions prior to the election that Bush had any amazing tactical superiority based on ill-gotten knowledge. More like the GOP was superior in appealing to the baser instincts (a vote for Kerry means that you want terrorists to be using the skulls of our children as salad bowls) of a nearly-fanatical chunk of the electorate (you know, that 25% of americans that think anything the president says is God’s truth even now.).

  2. Fair enough. But just because they didn’t find anything didn’t mean they didn’t look. And you wonder if possible supporters kept quiet or lukewarm after being warned that dirty laundry might get aired (even without indicating how that laundry was discovered)… I’m just saying, there has to be something big going on here. And I think the abrupt departure of Karl Rove just as those subpeonas (possibly) get some teeth, makes it more likely that the NSA program was mis-used for political ends.

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