Week 51 in the Program

Well, I’m closing in on one year in the HMR program and, looking back, I feel pretty satisfied.  I hit my nominal target (weight loss of 150 lbs) a couple of weeks back and have managed to keep going a bit, so it wasn’t a fluke.  My blood pressure today was 110 over 80, which is much better than when I started (when it was something like 180 over 130).

The next step is the transition into maintenance but I’m holding off on that until after the holidays.  It’s going to be hard enough without adding in all the irregularity of the next six weeks.

Since August I’ve been tracking my weight twice a day, when I get up and just before I got to sleep.  The first thing that struck me is how irregular this is.  Although the morning weight has been mostly consistent, the nightly weight has bounced around.  The second thing is, it’s been a good review of linear regression.  I can use the daily tracking to predict the weight I get at HMR, to a pretty good extent.  This means I can keep track and, after a day when I might tick upward, be sure to even out.

Weight 2009_1124

projection 2009_1124


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