Family Values

{Editor’s note: Whoof, this is an oldie that’s just sat in my Drafts for — seven(!) years, for no good reason.}

As predictable as the rising of the Sun, a figure on the right has assailed same-sex marriage equality as an “assault on families”.  I am so tired of this.  You know what undermines families?  Thirty years of

  • trade policies that eliminate high-paying middle class jobs
  • immigration policies that create a permanent underclass in fear of the law and unable to resist demands of their employers
  • education policies that destroy public schools and public universities to trap people in low-paying jobs.
  • labor practices that eviscerate unions and the power to bargain collectively.
  • economic policies that force parents to work two or three jobs to provide basic necessities for their children

You know what doesn’t undermine families?

  • Allowing two people who love each other to join their households with the sanction of the state.