Facebook “protecting” the Interwebs

I’ve had a surreal experience with Facebook today, specifically, Facebook moderation. I made up a funny meme (well, at least I think it’s funny):

and posted it to Facebook. (Yes, I really really dislike Star Trek: First Contact).

Within minutes, I received a notice:

 In case the image gets lost, the note says “It looks like you shared symbols, praise or support of people and organizations we define as dangerous, or followed them”. As far as I can tell, the people or organization so referenced is … the Borg from Star Trek.

I can’t tell if Facebook feels the Borg are a put-upon population and I’m attacking them, or if Facebook feels that the Borg are menace to the Alpha Quadrant and I’m a fellow traveler. The process is, to say the least, opaque.

Also, while writing this, I had restrictions on my posting placed on my account — oh, no, no live Feeds for me! — apparently because I had the temerity to request a review.

Still no word on what dangerous organizations I am supporting … Starfleet, I guess? Is Zuckerberg really, say, a Klingon? That might explain some things.


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