Good riddance to bad rubbish

McConnell is finally stepping down as Republican Senate Leader. Good riddance.

Mitch McConnell, more than any other American, is responsible for the perilous state in which we currently find the Republic. While not subscribing to the worst of the MAGA madness, he absolutely is to blame for its rise, its prominence, and its persistence. He was the co-opted immune cell that allowed this cancer to metastasize and spread. By orchestrating the theft of a SCOTUS seat from President Obama, McConnell near single-handedly destroyed the credibility of the Court; his pernicious and ambitious slow-rolling of Obama judges, coupled to his forced-march advance of Trump’s, has corrupted the judiciary perhaps beyond recovery. His unwillingness to push the second Trump impeachment while the thug was in office — and then piously and disingenuously opining that the Senate could not impeach after Trump’s term ended — allowed Trump to retreat in full order and to ensconce himself at the center of the Republican party like some malign spider.

The leader of a political party by default is the president of that party. McConnell failed to challenge Trump’s role there in any way, pretending he remained a legitimate President even after Jan 6. McConnell owns everything that came after.


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