Week 13 in the Program

Weight this week | Change since last week | Total change
307.0 | -3.6 | -61.4
Blood Pressure | Systolic | Diastolic
* | 112 | 74

My weight loss is a little less than last week but certainly satisfactory at nearly 4 lbs. I suspect that rate isn’t entirely sustainable but I’ll take what I can and I’m relatively proud of that. In other good news, my cardiologist took me off the rampiril so I am now heart-med free (yay!) though I still take urso forte for gallstone prevention.

No grand experiments in food preparation this week. I’ve been putting a little Da Vinci’s Blueberry syrup into the HMR-70 Vanilla shake as a pudding and it’s not bad. Between that and the benefit bars, I’ve discovered a soft spot for blueberries, which I never knew I had. Da Vinci’s Root Beer syrup enhances a HMR-800 nicely — I’m going to try a “root beer pudding” at some point, too. I am still too scarred by last week’s curry-cake debacle to try actual baking, though, at least for a while.

Updated pictures will be added soon. I can’t make them on my laptop at school.






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