Week 11 in the Program

Weight this week | Change since last week | Total change
317.2 | -0.8 | -51.2
Blood Pressure | Systolic | Diastolic
* | n/a | n/a

Not a terribly uplifting week, not that I expected one. Coming off being sick and then flying out to Chicago threw off my stride. In particular, I had long ago decided that — with this being not only my first Valentine with Annie but indeed my first ever with a girlfriend — I was going to enjoy myself that day and blow the diet. I did, by eating a to-die-for chicken parm at a great little hole-in-the-wall Italian place called La Cantina.  Combining the out-of-box meal with the disruption to my workout schedule led to a negligible weight loss for the second week in a row.  Yet I don’t feel a single iota of guilt.

Compounding that, I’m almost certainly overestimating the physical activity calories I’m getting from walking.  Now that I’ve shed 50 lbs, I don’t get as much bang for the buck, or rather, calorie for the minute.  So I have to adjust that, too, which in turn means either a higher-intensity workout or more sessions in a week (probably the latter).

Hopefully this will get me back on track.

Since the weight was mostly unchanged and they didn’t take my blood pressure this week, I didn’t produce new graphs.


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